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usb mouse, can anyone help? !info zbar | moe__ moe__: zbar (source: zbar): image browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.1-1.2ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 151 kB, installed size 444 kB oki thx, i'll try mattwj2002: yes, ubuntu is. that was a feature to make it "simple" hmmm ok mattwj2002: you could start with that and see if the user is still logged in then k1l: all right thanks mattwj2002: and if the user is still logged in the user will still be using that session if it is not stopped/restarted by the reboot. What is the default browser for ubuntu? mattwj2002: so you need to stop lightdm mattwj2002: there is a way to stop that service and only lightdm runs. but its not an ubuntu command. what if one would like to use the same browser (chrome) on every machine. mattwj2002: you can use "sudo service lightdm stop" for this. k1l: the internet says otherwise k1l: I will look into that... mattwj2002: "which lightdm" in a terminal. that should return the location moe__: chromium is the default browser in ubuntu. k1l: ok, but how does chrome behave? is it also included? moe__: chrome is a chrome website. it is not included in ubuntu. the website is. k1l: ok thx for



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Download Driver Mouse Rexus G7 [Latest 2022]

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